Infant Oral Care

Congratulations on the arrival of your baby!

Baby’s First Tooth

When that first tooth makes an entrance, it’s time to upgrade to a baby toothbrush with soft or extra soft bristles.

Before Your Baby’s First Tooth

Even before your baby’s first tooth appears, the gums can benefit from your careful attention. After feeding, wrap one finger with a clean, damp washcloth and gently rub it across your baby’s gums. This will help clear away food and also helps the child to become comfortable with daily oral care habits.

Avoiding Cavities

Please avoid giving your baby sweetened liquids. Sugars present in fruit juice, formula, milk, and soda can cause decay, so regular teeth and gum cleaning is vital. Your baby should not go to bed with a bottle that has anything other than water; sugary liquids in prolonged contact with teeth will likely lead to early-childhood decay, also called baby-bottle caries.

First Visit to the Dentist

Our office, as well as the Canadian and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, recommends that a child’s first dental visit is scheduled by their first birthday.

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